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Japan Soryu Karate-Do association

The Japan Soryu Karate-Do association was established in 1960 by the father of Soryu Karate, Souke Michio Koyasu, after establishing the headquarters of Soryu Dojo, "SoRyuKan,  in Saseho, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan.
Souke Koyasu Michio acquired a grand master's certificate from the Toyama school of traditional Okinawa Karate in 1960 and created his own Soryu style of Karate. Many practitioners learned Soryu Karate from him in the Dojo and spread it all over Japan.

Japan Soryu Karate-Do 10th Dan & Grand Master Souke Koyasu Takamichi travels to the United States every few months and teaches Soryu Karate to the branch instructors and their students .Sensei Caesar is a direct student of Souke Takamichi Koyasu and is dedicated to the orthodox teaching of Soryu karate do ..

Classes are located in kingston new york  please email for more info . classes are monday tuesdays at 5 pm .

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