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We are very happy for Soke Takamichi visit this week . We would all like to extend a very warm thank you of appreciation for such a wonderful visit and pleasant time.I would like to thank my wife for cooking such a wonderful traditional Taiwanese dinners or all of us . This week we practice kazushi training , Kata , Kihon, taisabaki And much more !Our students tested successfully congratulations to them all . Soke informed us we are the first dojo to officially test in the U...SA . We are very proud of that. We also have new Japanese students who will be assisting us in Japanese culture, etiquette and language..We are very thankful for all of their help and very appreciative of our new friendship. At his request We also took Soke to visit our friend Shihan. Jonathan of the Tenshinkan dojo where he viewed a class and was demonstrated kata and bunkai . We shared demonstration of kokuho . What a wonderful time thank you everyone I hope you enjoy the pictures and see you at training !!! May the OSS be with you . OSS !

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