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April 2017

:"In a few Moments we will begin our test.The greatest there's ever been since our dojo was established . Untold Glory awaits us ! We have had the first successful test in the USA lat November  .We have had a very successful seminar .Today we will have the first student in the USA  test successfully for shodan .You have to take the opportunity of a life time in the lifetime of the opportunity because we don't get this again the car runs to fast .By the time this tests ends our dojo will be ushered in to a era of unprecedented greatness .Why ? it will have been carried there upon your mighty shoulders . May the oss be with you ! "

We had a wonderful visit from Souke takamichi Koyasu . We had seven successfully test for kyu grades . We had the honor and fortunate chance to have the first USA student test for shodan successfully in the United States . . A personal thank you to all in Japan who made the trip possible . A heart felt thank you to shihan Jonathan from the Tenshinkan dojo for hosting our seminar with great . hospitality we look forward to the future and training together. We held a seminar on soryu karate and Japanese cultural exchange. The Tenshinkan performed Jion kata . fantastically . We shared our kokuho exercise and juho techniques.. Thank you to all my dedicated students all our success is carried upon your mighty shoulders May the oss be with you !

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